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Any engineer will be well aware of the importance of rotating machinery being in balance.

Imbalance can be one of the most destructive faults to occur on any item of machinery. If left unresolved will result in catastrophic failure. This in turn results in expensive repair bills and more often than not lengthy periods of down time.

Many people assume that to correct imbalance in an item of machinery it is necessary to strip down the machine and send the component away for balancing. Because of this false belief, many machines that are running out of balance are left to run until the inevitable failure occurs.

At AEMS we have the experience and technology to balance your machinery in situ. In turn this dramatically reduces down time and most importantly saves time and money.

Call us now to discuss the benefits and costs of on-site balancing. An experienced engineer will be on hand to discuss your immediate requirements, offer advice and attend site at your convenience.


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